Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Advantages Of Smoking......

               As we all know that smoking is injurious to health , besides of its disadvantages their are some advantages also :

 1: A Chain smoker never grow old he always remain young because he dies before that .
 2: Smoking increase social network of smoker as two smokers are always friends .
 3: Smoking brings equality among humans , which many social workers were unable to make because ones ciggerete is always fresh for other smokers .
 4: There is no medicine which can assure sleepless nights , so smoking is necessary for working whole night .
5: Smoking removes headache , although there are some medicines available but they also have some side effects .
 6: Smoking is unaffected of money , one can smoke “biri” or “ciggare” or “pipe” or even “hucca” . by this way smoking reduces the gap between rich and poor .
 7: Smoking have no reservation criterion , so there is not any dispute for smoking .
 8: Smoke generated after smoking can be used as room freshner as smokers usually does not like other smells .
 9: There is a possibility of passive smoking i.e. smoking & all of its advantages without paying anything .
10: And most intresttingly as like “GOD”(for smokers) u can find smokers everywhere .

1 comment:

  1. d0nt think so...
    (smoker never grow old he always remain young because he dies before that) that is ur statemnt,n tats mean sm0king can courses death...tat is not an advntnge,but disadvntnge...s0 think it wisely...^.^