Monday, October 4, 2010

How To ReDuce PoLLuTioN

          Pollution prevention is an exceptionally major global concern because of pollutions’ harmful effects on the person’s health and on the environment. Environmental pollution comes in various forms, such as: air pollution, water pollution and water pollution. So, how to reduce or prevent the pollution?

  • Stop smoking or at least follow the “No Smoking” sign.
  • Use unleaded gasoline in your cars
  • Keep your car properly maintained to keep it in good running condition to avoid smoke emissions
  • Never use open fires to dispose of wastes
  • Have a proper waste disposal system especially for toxic wastes
  • Take very good care of your pets and their wastes.
  • Never throw, run or drain or dispose into the water, air, or land any substance in solid, liquid or gaseous form that shall cause pollution.
  • Do not cause loud noises and unwanted sounds to avoid noise pollution.
  • Do not litter in public places. Anti-litter campaigns can educate the populace.
  • Industries should use fuel with lower sulphur content
  • Industries should monitor their air emissions regularly and take measures to ensure compliance with the prescribed emission standards.
  • Industries should strictly follow applicable government regulations on pollution control
  • Organic waste should be dumped in places far from residential areas
  • Inorganic materials such as metals, glass and plastic, but also paper, can be reclaimed and recycled

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